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Saturday, February 24, 2007 5:09
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Perhaps one of the most interesting websites I have seen in a while, China Vitae

China Vitae is a resource of biographical information on more than 3000 Chinese leaders in government, politics, the military, education, business, and the media. State-of-the-art search tools facilitate research in depth, and a research library provides historical information on politics and government.

While primarily a political tool ( I am surprised I can access it), this website has something for everyone.

Often times I find myself in the middle of a discussion and the name of a politician will come up that I don’t know. Fortunately, this site has a catalogue and biography of many of China’s leaders.

For those in business who are interested in the politics behind business, you will find this site a very useful tool to track the countries that Chinese leaders have recently visited, and access news sites that detail the visits. See example here

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