YRC Has Plans for China (Part 2).. maybe

Monday, May 28, 2007 9:47
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YRC Has Plans for China (Part 2).. maybe

When YRC made their splash 18 months ago, it was the sign of a new era in logistics. they announced the purchase of JHJ, and it looked as though their Wal-Mart relationship was going global. Yet little after that happened.

Interestingly enough, while having lunch the other day, this deal came up as an example of one that left everyone scratching their heads. Anyone who has studied business is told that first mover advantage, has ADVANTAGES.. but in the case of YRC, it was more like first mover Abyss as little was heard from the group following the investment.

Then a month ago, Bill Zollers announced that they would be investing in 2 more Chinese firms, and given the specific nature of his comments I was left to assume that the targets were already selected with negotiations far enough along that he felt comfortable announcing their progress.. I know.. I know.. never assume anything

So, with their recent rumors of YRC being up for sale, maybe we have our answer….

I would be interested to know how their partners would react….

And why did Zollers mention the Chrysler/ Cerebus deal when asked about YRC’s potential buyout? Are they already speaking to potential suitors?

I know… I know.. never assume anything

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