CEA Challenges Lou Dobbs to a Duel

Saturday, October 20, 2007 4:16

Why Lou Dobbs Scares Me More Than Chinese Toothpaste was a post I wrote early on in the days of “Made In China”. My position was that while there were certainly problems in the supply chain, Lou Dobbs (and other like him) were actually far worse because of their predatory reporting. Far from being balanced, Lou Dobbs always feels the need to remind viewers that China is a communist country, and does little himself to bring on balanced panels or perspective.

Well… it appears that someone else (more powerful than I) has also grown tired of Lou and his “communist China” angle.

According to a press release dated October 17, Gary Shapiro (CEO of the Consumer Electornics Association) has:

issued a direct challenge to Dobbs to present his viewers with a balanced view of international trade. “I am prepared to debate Lou Dobbs live on his CNN show,” Shapiro said. “His anti-trade comments on his cable show and his refusal to grant equal time to opposing viewpoints are inconsistent with CNN’s great legacy as a pioneering news network. We are hopeful that CNN will wish to retain its credibility and allow equal time for pro-free trade viewpoints.

also included in the release were some stats from a Zogby study (I am looking for study) that I found very interesting:

In an October 2007 poll of more than 10,000 Americans conducted by Zogby International for CEA:

  • Seventy-eight percent believe a television news anchor who speaks out against international trade while his network promotes his program overseas and garners foreign advertising revenue can be labeled a “hypocrite”; and
  • Among those who had an opinion, a 2:1 ratio of respondents say criticizing international trade sends the wrong message that the U.S isn’t good enough to compete globally, and that it fears foreign competition.

Will Lou rise to the challenge.. or will he hide behind his own great firewall?

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