China Mobile Eyes iPhone Deal

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 9:10
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According to a premarket release on The Street, Apple is reportedly in talks with China Mobile to bring the iPhone to China (a lot of people already have one).

First, as an investor in Apple all I can say is BUY BUY BUY.  give one to your friends, collegues, and don’t forget your boss!

Next, I am actually quite surprised China was behind the E.U. in the cycle.  Now, for my E.U. readers, I apologize but for me China just makes more sense.  First, they are being produced here (see  iPhone: Made In Shenzhen, Assembled by Foxconn), and their partner Foxconn (see Foxconn: Behind the Scenes) is fully capable of producing for the China market.  Second, China is a MUCH larger market than any of the E.U. markets on their own.

Sure, I have no doubt that negotiating this deal has been interesting to say the least, and I am being a bit selffish by saying they should have released here first… but all that being said, Apple has a “bright future” in China once China Mobile gets the servers in place.

oh.. one tip for the Folks at Apple.  my my friend’s iPhone can read Chinese, but I cannot write. I understand this is a “simple” thing to correct, but if you want to hit the mass market, I highly suggest you fix that.

oh #2… the abilty to write a Chinese character on the screen and have it be recognized would also improve the overall functionality for the Chinese users as well (and for us foreigners using electronic dictionaries).

For those that don’t believe… you have no idea how many iPhones are already here!

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