Ambassador Alan Holmer on China, the SED, and US-China Relations

Thursday, December 6, 2007 7:31

Just uploaded a few hours ago, Global Atlanta has just posted an excellent two part Youtube conversation between their reporter Trevor Williams and Alan Holmer on the current state of U.S. China relations, the role of SED (Strategic Economic Dialogue), and some of the issues they are addressing.

What surprised me a bit was the fact that Ambassador Holmer’s comments are very moderate and do not resemble some of the things that are quoted in the press by others on SED… additionally, it makes me wonder why if he as one of the top persons in the SED is so moderate, why the media angle is so harsh.

For example, one of the points I like the most was when he was describing the fact that the trade balance is (1) complicated, (2) something most people don’t understand, (3) the U.S. benefits from, and (4) includes a lot of “American Goods” in it.

One section that I would have liked to heard more on was his thoughts on consumerism. Personally, I think China’s converting savings into consumerism is a scary thing, and he seemed a little unwilling to just say that Americans have no savings… and are facing some really scary economic times.

At 20 minutes, you may want to refill your coffee, but I suggest watching in one sitting. the topics are very important, and anyone doing business in China (or affected by those doing business in China) should see just what is going through the minds of the people on the SED.

Part 1:

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