Angora Report: British Universities in China – The Reality Beyond the Rhetoric

Saturday, January 12, 2008 13:52

In large part, All Roads is a resource for firms/ executives to learn about China, and it is with that in mind that I suggest everyone (especially those in the field of education) read a report that Agora Education recently put out entitled British Universities in China – The Reality Beyond the Rhetoric (download PDF here)

Why it is important is simple. This 33 page document is essentially a dive to understand just what has come of all the investments British universities have made in China, and this dive is of value to nearly every organiztion I can think of in China.

Whether selling into china, manufacturing in China, trying to clean up china, or just trying to figure out what the model for your organization is, it is important to set up goal posts to help plan steps.. and how to measure success. More important than this process, is sitting down and looking at the past to judge what has happened. What successes were attained. What problems were presented. and what actions must me taken.

Why I like this report is that Agora has taken off the rose tinted glasses (title of the first chapter) to really work out what has come of efforts by British Universities in cracking the Chinese market. Their efforts will surely be valuable for those in the educational field (U.K. and otherwise), but more importantly this document can be seen by others as a base from which to conduct their own 360 review.

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