World Bank China Quarterly Update: Conference Call Transcripts

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 10:34
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Real quickly.

Following my post earlier this week on the World Bank’s call on its Quarterly China update, I have been passed the link where readers can go to see the transcript of the call.

In reading through the transcript, there are a few questions that I think were quite interesting, and the responses were as well including the question from Chris Jeffrey on FX sterilization and the three part question by Deborah Chu.

however, and I’ll open this up to you the reader, in the transcript it is said several times that inflation has not gone beyond food to a lare extent, and that the government is taken action to prevent it.

In my mind though, the actions of the government are actually preventing an accurate read of just how serious the spillover is. they have frozen a number of prices for goods in a number of sectors, and while the recent CPI figure was announced at 7.1%, many believe that it is much higher.

So, and I am opening this up for comments, has inflation been largely contained? Or has it been hidden with price freezes?

I have a request in to speak with the leaders of the call for this, but I would enjoy reading any perspectives on this issue as I am growing more and more weary of the statistics I am seeing, and how people read them.

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