Shanghai’s Smoggy Fog Closes Roads, Ports, and Bronchial Passages

Monday, April 7, 2008 1:05
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For those of you living in Shanghai, and were up at 2am last night like I was,  you will know that the Smog Fog has come back to town.

will less than a 1000 meters of visibility, it apparently closed roads, and ports, into the city.  From one account I heard, some flights were held over last night in Pudong and people were quite irritable this morning.  Of course, the sore throat I had this morning left me a bit irritable as well

What I love about the reports is that they fail to mention that fog does not smell like smoke, that this fog seems to always come at the same time of year and last for two weeks, and that the fog coincides with farmers burning their fields to make way for the new planting.

At some point, I think it would be worth it to add up the economic costs of what is clearly an environmental issue, and then balance that against the cost of acquiring technologies that would possible be used to create biomass energy from the burning.

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