Painful Merger Legacies: Integrating Supply Chains and Managing Old Relationships

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 7:14

Going along on a topic I have covered quite a bit in the past, responsible sourcing, Ethical Corporation has written a painfully detailed article on Adidas’s recent supply chain woes and how they are handling them.

You may remember my post on their labor issues earlier this year, and as you will remember I have said that companies need to clean up or clean out, but through this article a twist is added… the factories in question are (according to Adidas) previously Reebok manufacturers, and that integrating their supply chains has been a difficult process to manage.

I suggest you read the article in full and then consider how the Adidas supply chain and the Reebok supply chain differ… and what was the source of the difference, and how did the difference impact their ability to work with/ manager their suppliers

Sound familiar to anyone?

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