An Interesting Debate on Labor in the East Vs. West

Thursday, July 17, 2008 7:53
Posted in category The Big Picture

Was recently alerted by the Economist of a debate they are having about the dynamics of globalization, and whether or not the West is losing its competitive edge to the East.

It is a hot topic for many, for some it is white hot, and in some parts of the world (Ohio for example) it is a topic that can become very emotional very quick.

For me,  I am not a big fan of broad stroke debates like this on the whole as I feel they are founded more on the poles and generalizations portrayed in the media rather than on specifics, but this debate has me interested.

For starters, this debate is not one built on the typical economics, trade patterns, and currency discussions.. it is based on the quality of labor, and the arguements are being put forward by some pretty smart people

So, if you have some time, have a read through and cast your vote.  Right now, the vote is rougly 60 %/ 40% in favor of the West is not losing its competitive edge, and while I won’t tell you how I vote, I can say that I hope that discussions like these happen more frequently.

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