Adidas: A Proud Sponsor of the Beijing Games

Sunday, August 17, 2008 21:01

With firms spending 80-100 M USD to be sponsors of the Olympic Games, there are going to be questions.

What I have found interesting through my discussions around this topic, and through reading the perspective of others, is that it is all in the matter of context.  Whether firms were trying to use this as an opportunity to reach consumers in China (Adidas), trying sell industrial lighting products (GE), or were looking to launch their brand on a global basis (Lenovo).

It will of course take time for the final numbers to be realized, but through this report you can see that Adidas clearly is finding ways to leverage their sponsor status.. and that with 60% increase in sales, they already have some big ammunition to be used when defending their sponsorship.

YouTube Preview Image

One thing I noticed, and sparked some thinking, was that they have spent a lot of money on their workers through the dormitories, and the conditions (as far as I can see) are pretty good.  firms like these were already at a higher level, so I am wondering why the new labor law hit them as hard as we are lead to believe… need some time with this one

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