Fake Corona In China

Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:10
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This evening while hosting a dinner party, one of my guests noticed something funny about his beer (a Corona).  simply put, he said “this isn’t beer”.

After a few people took their skeptical sips, we hauled out the rest of the bottles in the refrigerator to make the side by side comparison.

Which, as you will notice, showed us that we had in fact a bad batch of beer on our hands.

1) The color of the real (bottle on left) vs. the fake  (bottles on right) show distinct color differences
2) Look at the different levels on the fake ones
3) Bottle caps on real bottle curve in where the bottle cap ridges point out

so, for those of you tipping back a bottle of Corona, be careful.  I cannot say that there was melamin in the beer, but lord only knows what was really in that bottle.

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