Cotton Ding Interview: A Story of Hard Work, Perserverance, and Success

Monday, February 16, 2009 1:32
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5 years ago when Maoming rd was a still bit of Bourbon Street in Shanghai, the Blue Frog was the hub of activity. Essentially managed by Lance and Cotton, this bar (one of a handful still standing) developed a real following and
over the last 5 years, the staff of that bar have come to run and manage a number of the most successful bars in town.

One of those people, Cotton Ding, is perhaps one of the hardest working people in Shanghai.

Perhaps just another story for some, what amazes me about Cotton’s (and the stories of others who move to the city) is the courage that she mustered up to make the move with little more than a return fare.

Cotton from Shanghaiist on Vimeo.

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