Building Collapse in Shanghai

Sunday, June 28, 2009 22:15
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The Chinese web site Sohu reported one of the more bizarre episodes in recent memory, as one building of a multi-phase residential construction project literally fell over in an early morning rain storm killing one person on the construction site.

The 13-floor building is – was – located on Shanghai’s Jian Hua Nan Lu in Minhang district and was nearing completion when the accident occurred. It is reported that more than 200 units in the complex had been sold and as news of the collapse spread, angry home-owners began to appear to demand a resolution.

This incident brings into clear focus the problem of construction quality in the real estate industry. In western countries the standards is for commercial housing stock and commercial office stock is expected to have a life of between 60 – 80 years. Downtown Chicago, for example, contains office buildings that are more than 70 years old that have been renovated to extend their lives for another 20.

By contrast anyone surveying Shanghai can see housing and office stock constructed within the past 20-30 years that has become dilapidated more quickly than expected due not only to the use of low-grade construction materials, poor construction quality and poor management. In the case of this property in Minhang, the inevitable results just occurred more quickly.

- Guest Writer: Zhou Zhi Min

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