UBS Call: Competing With China? Or Competing For China?

Saturday, March 27, 2010 10:24
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A few weeks back UBS’s ASEAN regional economist Ed Teather put out the piece of research Six questions on ASEANís links with China (email me for a copy) looking at trade, investment and policy links between ASEAN and China by working to answer the following the questions:

  • Which countries in ASEAN have the highest export exposure to China?
  • Which countries can compete with China?
  • How significant is the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area?
  • Could ASEAN benefit from China investment flows?
  • Will a regional FX reserve agreement including China improve stability?
  • How will ASEAN policy makers respond to China monetary policy tightening?

As a compliment to that piece, or perhaps because that piece resulted in UBS being asked so many follow up questions, there will be a global conference call on Tuesday the 30th at 16:00 China time where it will be discussed, and questions can be asked. I plan to be on the call

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