Will China Surpass the US as a Superpower?

Friday, July 16, 2010 6:22

I guess it is only fitting that this become one of the last hot questions to be pondered in the public domain these days.  After all, there is a cleantech war underway (which China is winning), there is talk that the world needs to move away from the USD, and the Moody’s of China saw it fit to saw that the US was now more risky than China.

Weighing in with his opinion is Jim Hoge, Editor of foreign Affairs Magazine, who says that any move past the US is unlikely.. and years away in the best case scenarios.

It is an interview that I think contains some very interesting points on China, the international system itself, and what it will mean for the US going forward. Some of the choice quotes being:

China is a formidable country now and it is going to be more so, but it is not a rival of us in power across the whole spectrum, political power, economic power, cultural power.

… and:

The idea that China is going to literally just keep going at a 10% growth rate and whatever problem comes up they will deal with is just not realistic, so they have some dips in the road coming just like we all do over a historical span and for us the real challenge is to try and incorporate them gradually, although at a faster pace than with the case before the recession, incorporate them into the international system so that it is a win/win situation that they win by being a part of the kind of global system that we have setup and then I think you can avoid the most cataclysmic kind of scenarios that you can here

… and:

They have a series of big systemic problems to deal with and there is no sign at the moment that they can’t deal with them, but there is going to be a point in time because they are developing a middle class and a big one [....]They’re not that dissatisfied, but I would bet a bottom dollar that they’re going to be at some point.

An interesting interview, and one that surely will play into a much wider ongoing debate where both sides will have their extreme opinions, and the more informed

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