Foxconn’s Fear Factory.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 11:51
Posted in category From the Factory Floor

A great clip from Jon Stewart on Foxconn, and a timely one given Apple’s recent revelations that its supply chain is still a clusterfu*k, Apple makes over a billion USD a day in profit, and in one of the last meetings with President Obama Steve jobs made it clear that Apple’s outsourced supply chain would not be returning to the US.  EVER.

Personally, as I said in my first post on Apple more than 4 years ago, I am still a believer the having a supply chain that includes many suppliers who Chinese labor or environmental regulations, while trying to build out the Chinese market is a massive risk for Apple.. and a risk I think they are slowing coming around to.  Only question is whether or not it will be in time…

More on that later, but for now enjoy the clip.

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