Everyone Has an Exit Plan in China. Everyone.

Thursday, April 12, 2012 3:38
Posted in category The Big Picture

Without a doubt, the last few months in China have been politically some of the most interesting.  One of China’s top cops enters the US consulate in Chengdu looking for Asylum, one of China’s top leaders is removed, and his wife has been arrested for her involvement in the death (murder) of a British businessman who was in said leaders inner circle.

But it was today’s report (h/t Shanghaiist) that Bo’s wife held multiple overseas residencies that really peaked my interest.  According to Shanghaiist’s post:

She does not only have Hong Kong ID, but also a Singapore green card. I am sure, because she has transferred her assets to Hong Kong and sent her child to Singapore for education, where he learnt English. Gu Kailai approximately spent three to five years traveling around the world, mainly to Singapore and the UK,” Jiang Weiping said in the interview.

So…  you have the “politician” who has his citizens out signing red songs and fighting corruption, while the rest of the family that has clearly set up the exit plan.

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