Survey: What Americans Think Of China

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 8:57


Last month, GALLUP and China Daily (US Edition) asked 250 opinion leaders and 2007 Average American Joes about their thoughts on China, and while I am a month behind , I found the (released) data quite interesting.

Released through two separate articles on China Daily, Americans Split on Whether China’s Economy Is Good for U.S. and Americans, Opinion Leaders See U.S.-China Ties as Friendly, I found the charts to be quite telling.   Telling in that it is clear there is a resentment towards China, even though there is general agreement that they (i.e. Americans) have benefited from the relationship,  that the variance between the opinion leaders and adults highlights that some have benefited (or see benefit) at a higher level, and that China needs to do more than buy US bonds and keep Wal-Mart stocked full of affordable goods to win the respect of the average citizen.

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