When Sourcing In China. Invest in Systems.

Monday, September 3, 2012 8:46
Posted in category From the Factory Floor

Last week Dan over at CLB loaded up another post Successful Sourcing From China. The PowerPoint to hammer home the point that firms need to take sourcing in China seriously.

And in the first slide he lays out the three things he feels firms need to have in place to source products the right way:

  • (Have a) Good manufacturer
  • (Have a) Good contract
  • (Have) Good IP protection

But I think he missed on… have a good QC SYSTEM in place. A topic I have spent significant time on as well.

For me, when I was sourcing, the last thing I ever wanted was to have to find a way to legally get a supplier to do anything.  So, we built systems instead. Systems which I have laid out before that were meant to prevent failed products or processes from leaving China’s shores while we still had the leverage and ability to exercise it.

That is not to say that lawyers aren’t important. But, as Dan’s slides allude to, there are times when even a great lawyer can’t help you… especially if your granite counter tops gravel is sitting at Long Beach

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