New Release: Logistics Overview In China

Sunday, January 15, 2006 8:49
We are proud to announce the release of our latest industry report, Logistics Overview in ChinaIn the next few years, the logistics industry in China is going to go through large infrastructural changes.   

To begin the process, the central government is overseeing the world’s largest highway constriction project that will result in more km of highway than anywhere in the world. With the recent widening of the WTO regulations allowing for international firms to invest in their own networks, firms like UPS, FedEx, and TNT are all increasing their investments in the area. Partnered with the above, many of Chinese 20,000 estimated logistics firms are also beginning a process of in mass consolidations.  

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  1. All Roads Lead To China » Forbes Review of Logistics Players in China says:

    October 3rd, 2006 at 2:02 am

    […] There are companies like APL and Maersk that will continue to focus on outbound traffic consolidation and companies that will focus only on inbound freight forwarding. however for DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT, the game is much more complicated. Creating a China-wide network (owned and outsourced) that will service global contracts and capture new ones is the brass ring that they are all reaching for. For more information, I encourage readers to view our reports on the logistics industry (Long Haul Logistics,Changing Nature of Distribution, and Logistics Overview ) and our map detailing China’s Domestic Transportation Network In addition, 3pl Wire and Asia Logistics Wrap are great blogs, and the China Supply Chain Management Council also offers very good information online Full disclosure: I was a former member of Emery Worldwide and UPS and I continue to work with providers in China and advise manufacturers in this area. […]