CSR in China

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:49
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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in China is a term that is only starting to gain traction in China. for years, as manufacturers (local and international alike) focused on ramping up production of their products, CSR was little more than a PR concern. Referring to policies and initiative surrpunding corporate governance, environment controls, EH&S, and community outreach, what is often considered to be a critical component of many U.S. based companies is often overlooked or seen as too difficult to manage in China.Unlike the U.S. or Europe where there is a long history of corporate responsibility and a strong network of NGO partners whom can assist, in China we are just beginning to see where infrastructure and intentions meet.   To learn more about CSR issues and learn what others are doing, keep checking back to this category.   Let us know if there is a topic of interest to you and we will address it Š

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