Out With the Old: The Last Night of XiangYang Market

Friday, June 30, 2006 12:12
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After years of speculation, the curtain came down (more like it was sold off) at Xiangyang market’s last night. For those living in the area, it was a time to celebrate… for those that worked there, it was an inevitability that was thoroughly planned in advance for (most vendors already have their new sites).

Much like its Beijing counterpart (silk market), the land under the tons of knockoffs was just too tempting to pass up and in the end an estimated 100,000 people showed up to bid the market farewell (or pick up that last polo shirt at half price).

The closing bell at 9pm was ignored until between 10:20pm10:30pm when the crowd began to fill out into the street in mid-negotiation. For those who needed more than 15 minutes to morn the loss, little comfort was provided by the fact that workers promptly moved in and begun constructing a wall at the Huai Hai road entrance. Surely this will become prime advertising space for the next year while another glass high rise is constructed as a testament to Shanghai’s growth.

A prime example of everything to be hated in Shanghai, Xiangyang market was a half kilometer square market packed the teeth with touts who every couple meters would spout the phrase “DVD, a watch, or a bag” to anyone who walked by. However, after 6 years at the corner of Xiangyang and Huaihai road, it is a part of Shanghai that will be missed.

To ensure the ongoing concern of the cheap knockoff industry (and to cure the insatiable need), those that need a watch, DVD, or bag stay tuned. Rumors have it that the market is moving either near the LongYang temple or north of Beijing Road near Fengxian Road.

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