Map: Where Are All the People?

Monday, August 7, 2006 8:17
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We hope you enjoy this week’s map entitled China’s Population

China’s official population is in the 1.3 billion person range. Shanghai has 14 million people officially (up to 20 million unofficially), Chongqing has 30 million in the city alone, and Kunming is planning to double their population in the next 5 years.For most companies, the population of China can be measured in the millions. These are the people who live in the cities of Shanghai and Beijing and have a disposable income level that allows them to buy high price point items that only 10 years ago were impossible to buy domestically. 

Last year, Gallup release the results of a 10 year study that surveyed some 15,000 people throughout China. The most interesting fact was that not a single western brand broke the top to brand list, not McDonalds, KFC, Coke, UPS, or any of the others that are spending millions on television, print, and cyber advertising.

Looking at the map of China’s population, one can see that it is the middle of the country has a large number of provinces with populations between 10 and 50 million persons. These provinces are in the middle of several provinces with 50 or more million persons. while just numbers to some, these numbers are now beginning to define how multinationals think about marketing, sales, logistics, and manufacturing.

In future posts, we will come down a few thousand feet and show you on a regional basis the importance of understanding local populations when developing your China strategy.

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