August 20 Regulatory Roundup

Sunday, August 20, 2006 4:46

Investment in Job Training Facilities Opened:
Overall Impact Rating: 10 of 10
Industries Affected: Education, Manufacturing, Service Industries
Date of Implementation: October 1, 2006

Overview/ Introduction:
With China’s educational system lacking opportunities for continued or alternative education, China is looking for partners. Most likely due to the strong systems and knowledge found in the united States and other countries, this regulation will open up opportunities not only to foreign investors, but also to local residents.

Government Agencies Involved:
Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Links for further Information: Shanghai Daily; People’s Daily; India eNews;

China Restricts Internet Spoofs:
Overall Impact Rating: 8 of 10

Industries Affected:
Date of Implementation: Immediate

Overview/ Introduction:
Following some unfavorably review internet movies spoofing China’s world cup victory, Chinese celebrities, and the government itself, SARFT has decided that it is time to take a more proactive stance against such creativity. No doubt this will have a larger affect on the filtering already in place, and thus internet spreads could slow again as SARFT and MII filter through suspect traffic for offenders.

Government Agencies Involved:
State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT)
Ministry of Information Industry

Links for further Information: AHN; Reuters; Tech News; People’s Daily


No More Primetime Foreign Cartoons :
Overall Impact Rating: 5 of 10
Industries Affected: Television, Media, and Advertising
Date of Implementation: September 1, 2006

Overview/ Introduction:
As Recently covered in the China Law Blog, Homer will no longer be available during the primetime hour. Meant to support the fledging Chinese animators, or possibly force them to become creative, this regulation will surely drive television companies to find new sources of advertising revenue, and could potentially increase investment opportunities for foreign production houses into the local market.

Government Agencies Involved:
State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT)

Links for further Information: Herald Sun; IHT; Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union ; Asia Times; China Daily

(Note: To make sure you are up to date on all regulations, we advise you speak with legal and/ or industry professionals)

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