Map: The Money Trail

Monday, August 21, 2006 1:25
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Ever wonder where the USD 72.4billion dollars of foreign direct investment went in 2005?  

If so, we hope that you will enjoy this week’s map (FDI Map of China) laying out 2005 investment activity by region of origin and destination.

There has been a lot of coverage recently on China’s phenomenal growth, the efforts of the government to reign in growth, and a few whispers that China is beginning to say enough is enough.

While the stats used in the map are from 2005 investment activity, we decided to show our readers just a few of the 100s of transactions that have occurred during the first half of 2006. 

Our projections for the rest of this year are that investment will continue, but that two things will happen: (1) Deals will get bigger and (2) More activity will occur in Northeast and Southwest.

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