Sept 3: Regulatory Update

Sunday, September 3, 2006 8:47
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Cadres Must Begin Reporting Personal Affairs:
Overall Impact Rating: 8 of 10
Industries Affected:
China wide
Date of Implementation:

Overview/ Introduction:
The Communist Party of China (CPC) has announced another measure aimed at stamping out corruption in China, reducing conflicts of interested, and raising the level of governance within the central party.

Government Agencies Involved:
The Communist Party of China
General Office of the State Council

Links for further Information: People’s Daily; Xinhua

Regulation of Foreign Mapping:
Overall Impact Rating: 6 of 10
Industries Affected: Agriculture; Media/ Publishing; Education; Infrastructure Development/ Investment
Date of Implementation: September 1, 2006

Overview/ Introduction:
Beginning September 1, foreign persons, researchers, and companies will have to begin relying on Chinese government data and local partners for surveying and mapping data.

Government Agencies Involved:
State Bureau of Survey and Mapping

Links for further Information: Shanghai Daily; People’s Daily

Ban on Import/ Export of Endangered Species:
Overall Impact Rating: 3 of 10
Industries Affected: Pharmaceutical
Date of Implementation: September 1, 2006

Overview/ Introduction:
To prevent further destruction of Chinese resources, the Chinese government has passed more strict regulations on the import and export of products derived from endangered species. the new regulations will apply for plants and animals alike, and could have an affect on the pharmaceutical industry as samples are sent abroad for analysis and R&D.

Government Agencies Involved:
Office of State Endangered Species Trade Management
State Forestry Administration

Ministry of Agriculture

Links for further Information: People’s Daily; India eNews

(Note: To make sure you are up to date on all regulations, we advise you speak with legal and/ or industry professionals)

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