Map: China’s Flavors

Monday, September 11, 2006 2:42
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For many coming from Western countries, Chinese food is not something new to us.  We grew up eating Beef & Broccoli and Szechwan pork.  The reality is though, that in China, the range of foods is much wider, and that those foods we grew up with are no where to be found (Fortune cookies were first served in San Francisco).

Whether it was through the erecting of walls around cities, climate differences, or access to different foods, the Chinese have an amazing array of flavors in their food (As seen in this week’s map): Fire hot in Hunan, to light in Qingdao, to sweet and sour in the south, and “gamey” in the Inner Mongolia

In fact, there is a saying in China about the Chinese and what they eat:

Anything that can fly, but an airplane…
Anything that can swim, but a submarine…
and anything with four legs, except their desk

For many executives, eating in China can be an experience that is loved and hated.  the famous “wheel of death” as one of my clients calls it, can bring excitement and angst all at the same time as one tries to figure out what something is before eating it.

After almost 5 years of living, traveling, and working in China, I have taken great pleasure in eating in all the regions in this week’s map, and I hope you will find it equally interesting.

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