Book Review: R.A.R.E. Shanghai

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 1:00
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For those looking to learn about China’s urban culture, what the drives the up and comers in China, and what their hopes, dreams, aspirations, and achievements are, I highly recommend R.A.R.E. Shanghai.


Whether you are a brand manager looking to understand your target market or just interested in knowing more about Shanghai’s entrepreneurs, the Jigsaw team has put together a portfolio of stories that give the readers real insights into what it is that drives Chinese entrepreneurs (hint: these young professionals are not your average state owned enterprise employees).

As explained, the Jigsaw team found through their numerous focus group several ideas or traits that personified the new generation of little emperors and empresses.

Coined the “R.A.R.E Generation” (Recognition, Autonomy, Restlessness, and Expertise) is a generation who are looking to follow their dreams more than the traditional “path of success”.

Through this guide of 20 stories (24 individuals), one really gets a glimpse of what was behind the process… why they did what they did… and what continues to drive them.

For some it is a passion in the arts, an opportunity to personally expand themselves.. and assist others to do so, or an opportunity to be a part of Shanghai’s dynamic. Regardless, they are doing it their way…. much as should be expected from any little emporer or emporess.


To learn more or to buy your copy, contact David at Jigsaw:
[email protected]
(21) 6248 5301 x 211

For more on Chinese urban culture, I also suggest following the blogs Shanghai Viva, GigShanghai, Shanghaiist and the picking up the book entitled Shanghai Living.

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