Map: China Graying

Sunday, September 17, 2006 21:35
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Recently, there has been a lot of press on the graying of China.  While not a problem that will see full effects right away, it is definitely something that everyone will need to plan for.   

In Shanghai alone there are over 200 elderly care centers, and the government is beginning to reach out to organizations who can assist in the planning and preparation for the day that Shanghai’s +65 crowd reaches 30% of the population (estimated at 20% now).

With a generation of little emperors who have been spoiled by their parents and their parents parents by providing the financing necessary for their consumption of mobile phones, computers, KFC, and other concumables, the days of 6 feeding 1 will be over soon. 

Instead it could be 1 feeding 6, and that is a scary thought for any brand manager looking to plan product launches.  After all, if you have to feed 6 people, how many mobile phones, cars, and refrigerators will you be able to buy?

It is with that in mind, that we offer you this weeks map on the Graying of China.


A couple of notes:
1) We are relying on data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics to construct this map.  Through our research, we have come to understand that migrant populations are not considered, and as such, there is a large margin of error for East coast cities (they may actually be much younger than statistics show). 

2) At the same time, as young migrant workers make there way to the cities, their city of origin may still include them as part of their population.  As such the populations for these areas may acutally have a significantly higher percentage of elderly to young than is reported

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