Shanghai’s Party Boss Removed for Corruption

Monday, September 25, 2006 7:17

According to several media reports this morning (China Post, NYT and Bloomberg) Chen Liangyu, the Shanghai’s Communist Party leader, has been removed amid an investigation that brought in over 100 investigators from Beijing.

According to Xinhua, he is being investigated for “aiding illegal businesses, shielding corrupt colleagues, and abusing his position to benefit family members”.

If true, he would be the biggest fish caught in Beijing’s anti-corruption net as the Central Party works to root out corrupt officials. In the previous months, other officials have included:

Xu Fangming
China’s Ministry of Finance (former Finance Director)

Hou Wujie
Shanxi Province Committee of the Communist Party (former Deputy Secretary)

He Minxu
Former Vice Governor of Anhui Province

Zhu Junyi
Shanghai Municipal Labour and Social Security Bureau (Former Director)

Zhou Jinhuo
Fujian’s Bureau of Industry and Commerce (Former Director)

Jing Fusheng
Communist Party of China (CPC) of East China’s Fujian Province (Former Publicity Minister)

At this point, it is really to early to tell if these arrests and investigations will have a systematic affect that significantly reduces corruption. It is apparent that the issue is one that the CPC is serious about, and that future arrests will occur.

While I am not a policy expert, nor an expert of the law, I think that for Beijing to truly be effective they will need to make the cases transparent in their process, evidence, and sentencing of suspect officials.

Showing local, provincial, and state officials that there is a fair process that they themselves may be judged by I believe will do more to curb corruption than simply a few headlines. It will show such officials that corruption is the issue, not political alliance.

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  1. Rumors Come True « Made in China says:

    September 27th, 2006 at 8:24 pm

    […] Mind-boggling to me that the head of Shanghai government has been removed from his current position. It was not the news itself that shocked me. The thing is weeks ago, when I was in Shanghai, I talked to a property agent and he mentioned Chen was now detained in a suburb district (if not wrong, Chuansha) and was under shuang gui*. I didn’t believe it, because if so, he would be the biggest fish that the party ever caught on corruption. […]