Shanghai’s Urban Planning Museum

Sunday, October 8, 2006 1:30
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If you are in town, and have a couple hours, I highly suggest you visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum located near People’s park.By far, one of Shanghai’s most interesting tourist destinations, within the walls of this exhibition hall is a physical manifestation of Shanghai’s past, present, and future.Exhibits include a gallery of old Shanghai photographs that should where Shanghai’s architectural roots lie, and there is an entire floor devoted to the infrastructure (rail, river, air, and road) of Shanghai.

Shanghai Urban Planning Musem

However, the most interesting (and exciting) exhibit by far is the 4000 square foot model of Shanghai. As you can see in the pictures, the model is to scale (not sure of exact scale), and the details are amazing (I found me apartment building, office building,and a number of favorite haunts all in true color scheme, shape, and scale).

The key to viewing the model is to start with what you know and move out. Notice all the white buildings as they have yet to begin construction (probably 30-40% of the model is white). Areas like Xujiahui, Lujiazui, and the Huai Hai Road will be so different in 14 years!The other area that often captures my attention is the 400 square foot model of Shanghai’s infrastructure that shows what the 2020 for Shanghai’s subway, road, river, and rail will be. I counted 16 metro lines alone, many of which will be completed within the outer ring road before the 2010 World Expo.

Shanghai Urban Planning MuseumHaving visited more than 15 times in the last few years, the most interesting part of it all is that the exhibitions are updated on a frequent basis (My guess is every 1-2 months models are changed).So, if you have time, I highly suggest taking the time out. If possible, bring someone who knows the city well and can show you all the areas and can give perspective on how things have already changed (email me if you cannot find anyone).

Entrance fees are 40RMB for adults, and hours of operations are Mon.-Thurs. 9-5, Fri.-Sun. 9-6

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