Map: China Investment Zones

Monday, October 16, 2006 3:13
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For the majority of companies setting up shop in China, one of China’s many foreign investment zones can be an attractive option. In addition to the fact that many are specialized and offer industry specific support, many zones can offer plug and play options whereby a tenant can move very quickly into an existing location.

China Economic Zones

(right click on map to download hi-res PDF file)

As expected, given the majority of FDI is spent on the east coast, the east coast of China offers the greatest number of options when identifying and selecting a site..

For inland provinces, zones are typically located in the provincial capital, and are typically focused on Hi Technology and Industry investment rather than export related activities.

For many though, the most attractive offers now are coming from the West and Northeast as that central, provincial, and local governments are offering incentives to locate manufacturing there.

Partnering this with a trend of increasing domestic consumption and a higher quality of logistics support, and one should expect to see more companies taking advantage of the offers found inland.

When meeting with local officials and visiting sites, make sure and understand the environment and history of each zone. Who are the companies currently in the zone, what are the incentives, how long does licensing take, what options are there in terms on build to suite, how close are facilities to the port by rail and road, and what are the HR conditions in the area.

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