Canton Fair Goes the Other Way

Sunday, October 22, 2006 23:37
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In a move to show China’s progress from an export only country to one that is opening its markets to the outside world, the Canton fair will change its name from the Chinese Exports Commodity Fair to Chinese Imports and Exports Commodities fair.

With two showings a year (2 weeks each), this event is the largest trade fair in the world and had almost 14,000 exhibitors and over 175,000 buyers from 200 countries attend last year. Spread over 576,000 square meters (5.76 million square feet), the fair offers buyers an opportunity to buy almost anything that China produces, and it is this that has brought fame to the fair.

through this announcement, one can only guess that the name change is either just that, or that the event planners are scrambling around as they work out just how to manage the new buy side to the equation. It will be interesting how the event logistics and venues will change to accommodate the addition of foreign exhibitors and products.

Will there be a separate pavilion?
Will the event coincide with the export focused event?
Will foreign exhibitors target Chinese buyers or other foreign buyers?

For more information on the event, visit the official site of the Canton Fair (still called Chinese Export Commodities Fair online)

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