Map: Regional China

Monday, October 23, 2006 16:50
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China is often mislabeled as one market. It is done so by economists looking to explain the last 10 years of growth, and by executives looking to show the potential market for next 10 years. Fundamentally, as have shown in our previous maps though, China’s 31 provinces each have their own characteristics that create different market conditions in each.

China Regional Economy

However, through our experience, there is a middle ground between planning 31 different strategies and the one China plan, and that is represented by this week’s map.

As expected, the east coast with 73% of contracted FDI and accounting for 67% of China’s GDP , is the clear winner thus far. However, it is important for companies to understand that with only 40% of the population, there are opportunities outside of this region that should need to be explored.

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Initially, it will be companies looking to distribute products, however as China matures more companies will look to also build manufacturing facilities in these other regions to support what will certainly become regional markets.

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