Starbucks Goes Low Fat

Thursday, October 26, 2006 16:48
As reported by CCTV, Business Week, Forbes, and 77 other publications have increased their investment in China buy nearly buying out their Northern China partner Mei Da Coffee (a holding of H&Q).   The deal will bring the 60+ stores in Tianjin and Beijing in-house and is another step in the write direction for Starbucks who under pre-WTO rules had to have a local partner to enter.

Rumors of this have been in the air for a while, and for those of us in Shanghai, it will be interesting to see when the buyout here occurs as their store count is increasing by the month, and the trigger point must be getting close.

So, for those in Beijing, enjoy your wholly caffeinated Lattes.  We in Shanghai will just have to make due with our half calf skimmed status.

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