CSR: Dell Gets Out of the Office

Friday, November 3, 2006 8:30
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For two days last week, 20 employees from Dell put down their laptops, stepped away from their desktops, and gave back to the community. Working with Hands on Shanghai and the CereCare Wellness Center, the teams consisted of local management and staff from the Shanghai office. Working as a team, the groups first focused on painting a children’s nursery and then focused their efforts on the exterior of the building

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Throughout the entire process, team members grew closer together as they discussed the recent Dell controversy, the strengths of the group/ individual members, how to better improve processes with the group, family matters, and the future goals of the members.
Members were able to leave with a real sense of knowing that the work they did as a team will have an impact. the nurseries, through their efforts, were transformed from bare white walls that offered little stimulus, to walls with brightly colored patterns of hot air balloons, star, and ferris wheels.

For Dell though, the project will have a much deeper impact as through this project their team grew closer, and studies have shown this will have a direct POSITIVE impact on productivity, employee satisfaction, employee retention and ultimately the bottom line.

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