Zim Logistics is Making Moves

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 6:14
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Zim China, part of the Zim Group, has been one of the most active companies in China recently. Headquartered in Shanghai Zim is comprised of a Shipping unit, Logisitics unit, and a River trade service provider Sun Cypress Shipping Company Limited.

With a long history in shipping and in China, Zim has surpased many of the other western firms in terms of investment and deal flow:

  • August 27, 2006: Zim invests 100 Million USD to gain 55% control of a container plant in Qingdao (more)
  • November 20, 2006: Zim invests 44 Million USD in JV partnership with China Railway Container Transport Corp, a unit of China‚Äôs Ministry of Railway to develop container rail terminals in 18 cities (more)

They have put together a strong network of sales offices (shipping, logistics, river, and rail), but what makes them formidable in China is their ability to integrate services within their various units.

As discussed in other posts, the logistics market is one that will see many changes, and the majors (UPS, APL, etc) are all making plans. For many, the buy in vs. build up strategies are still being looked at and evaluated, and for many of these companies the time will come where they will be forced to pull the trigger or they will risk falling too far behind.

Companies like Zim who are taking large positions and building strong partnerships for the future will uickly take the lead, and with rail, river, truck, and shipping service, and I can only think of one agreement that Zim has yet to announce (domestic air express service) before their East coast presence is soldified, and they begin to build out their China wide network.

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