Fwoked: Mori Gets Ahead of Iteself

Monday, November 27, 2006 22:53
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While it did not result in the closer or scale down of a business, Mori’s did put the cart ahead of the horse in naming its Shanghai project.

Following Roppongi Hills (Tokyo), Mori decided to change the change the name of the 101 story building from World Financial Center to Shanghai Hills last Monday, as seen in the Japan Today, Kyodo Daily, Shanghai Daily, and others.

Unfortunately, for Mori, the Shanghai government had yet to approve the new name and as seen in the Taipei Times, Shanghai Daily, and the IHT the next day, the government was less than impressed by the initial Mori showed in creating warm ties between China and Japan.

In fact, they were ordered to take the name down.

For a project that is years behind schedule, and has already create a public fury over its design, the Mori group has once again done itself no favors.

Moral of the story? In China nothing is a “sure thing”… Unless the money is in the bank and the chop is dried…

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