Shanghai’s Best Wireless Spots

Saturday, December 2, 2006 3:38
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Whether you are on a trip and need to check your email, or you are an entrepreneur looking for a cafe to become your office, Shanghai has in the last 2 years seen an explosion of cafes with hot spots.

1) Tima Harbor – 11 Zhenning Road (Near Huashan Road) –
My personal favorite, Tima harbor is a locally owned and managed cafe with an excellent menu, stable wireless, and a great latte. Located in the heart of several expatriate compounds, Tima is also a good place to arrange breakfast meetings.

Large tables are also a good setting for team breakout sessions.

2) Ginger Cafe – 3 Fuxing Road (Near Huashan Road)
Located in the same complex as one of Shanghai’s more popular yoga studios, Ginger Cafe is a tranquil cafe where a lot of work can get accomplished over Jasmine tea and carrot cake. Not on a high traffic path for many in the laptop brigade, Ginger offers a quiet place where the only noise pollution is coming from people falling over upstairs in the hot yoga room.

3) Figaro Coffee – 160 Xingye Road (Near Madang Road) – 6384-7242
With one of the best latte in town, Figaro offers a quiet and comfortable environment near Xin Tian Di. Staff is very friendly and as the owners intended, the second floor of the cafe is a great place to have meetings.

4) Arch – 439 Wukang Road (Near Huahai Middle Road) – 6466 0807
One of Shanghai’s first internet enabled cafes, Arch was originally supposed to be a furniture show room. Luckily for us, it offers not only wireless but great fare (Salmon spaghetti and Arch Chicken burger are excellent).

Bring an extra serving of patience as the wait staff is famously aloof.

5) Boona Cafe – 88 Xinle Road (Near Xiangyang North Road) – 5404 6676
For a more Euro-centric crowd with good coffee, Bonna Cafe offers a nice local cafe experience. Not as noisy as many places in Shanghai, small groups of artists and designers usually congregate here.

Menu offers some simple fare of sandwiches, pastas, and a good mueslix.

To find more, go to the Enjoy Shanghai’s directory

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2 Responses to “Shanghai’s Best Wireless Spots”

  1. Craig says:

    January 10th, 2008 at 1:50 am

    Nice list. Would also add Coffee Tree, which is also close to Wukang and HuaiHai Middle. Airy, open and often only a few customers.

  2. michael says:

    June 1st, 2008 at 1:39 am

    I thought the drinks here, especially the mint-ginger-yougurt smoothie, is pathetically disgusting and insincere. Probably it had only a dash of yougurt and the rest is just crushed ice so the taste is bland and watery.
    And, … service … non-existent.
    Another one of those joints in town where service only applies to foreign looking crowd. Waiters are like flies that only bother to follow foreigners around.
    Plainly an unworthy place except if you are foreign and who thinks the drinks have a zen-like quality.
    By the way, I’m talking about the Fuxing store here.
    To the Singaporean owner:
    I doubt such quality would be acceptable back home.