Map: Nanjing Road… Will the Construction Ever End?

Sunday, December 3, 2006 20:20

Nanjing West Road is the heart of Shanghai’s foreign business community on the West side of the Huangpu river.

The Portman complex (Red Star) is ground zero for Shanghai’s business world, and for the last few years the development ripple has been spreading out from there. the Portman’s fame is actually to the point where one can simply Portman to a cab driver and have a 75% chance of them understanding it…. no where else in China is that possible except Tiananmen Square.

For those that thought it would not be possible to build anymore, that the street is already full of new glass structures, we offer the following look at Nanjing Road’s current state of development… and redevelopment

Nanjing Road Construction
3 years ago, when I began working on Nanjing road, I worked in the Southern Securities building (one of the green stars on the right), and at the time the area was no man’s land.

If I saw another foreigner in the area…. it was because they were lost.

Their map of Shanghai was out and they were looking for either the Portman (1km to to the west) or the Bund (2km to the east).

Commercial activity at that time was really concentrated in the area highlighted in yellow where there is a cluster of Grade A/B+ commercial space: Portman (red star), Kerry Centre (blue Star), United PLaza (blue star) Plaza 66 (blue Star), CITIC (blue star), and Westgate Mall (blue star). Rents in this area were approaching 1USD/ Per meter/ per day at Portman and Kerry Centre with the other properties ranging .75USD/ meter/ day and above. The only places to grab lunch were Element Fresh, Tony Roma’s, Malone’s, and a few other places, and retail space outside of the retail podiums was primarily locally branded.

In the last 2 years, beginning with the opening of the JW Marriott (orange star), the road areas highlighted in blue and green have really developed. All the developments are of grade A quality commercial spaces with retail podiums, and with the opening of Ciro’s Plaza (blue star to right) and Tianan Plaza there is now a third commercial cluster on Nanjing Road (Portman & Bund being the other two) that is located in an area that is primarily B grade facilities (green stars)

And just when you thought there could not be any more buildings constructed with Nanjing Road frontage, there have been several areas (Blue/ red box) demolished and cleared for what will obviously become shiny glass commercial buildings.

It truly is amazing given the fact that Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s showcase street, but with Shanghai having already built the equivalent of 4 Manhattans in 10 years, and a city line that changes on a daily basis, it should not come as a surprise that we have not seen an end to the construction…. nor have we heard the last of the jackhammers!

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