Looking For a Lunch Spot in Shanghai?

Saturday, December 9, 2006 5:47
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If you are looking for a cafe with good sandwiches and wireless, then we hope you will find the below list useful.

Best Lunch Cafes:

1) Element Fresh – Shanghai Center 1376 Nanjing West Road – 6279 8682
Bar none, Element Fresh (E Fresh) is the lunch place in town, and has 2 stores on the Puxi side that have attracted stable expatriate populations looking to be seen while eating a sandwich or salad.

Favorite eats are Nicole’s Chicken Salad Sandwich, Sante Fe Chicken, and the Blue Apple Salad… and favorite drinks are Tropical Storm and Very Berry smoothies.

2) Valley Gourmet – 819 Nanjing West Road (by Shimen Yi Road) – 5213 0571
Further down Nanjing road is another favorite lunch spot for a 50 RMB lunch special of side, main, and drink. Food quality is good, and unlike many restaurants in town, stable. Owner is always on site, and staff is quite friendly.For those looking to check email during lunch, there is free wireless as well.

3) Haya’s Mediterranean Cuisine– 415 DaGu Road (near Chongqing North Road) – 6327-0897
A little off the normal traffic of Nanjing Road is Haya’s on Dagu Lu. An anchor tenant on the new Dagu Road food street, the lemon aid is fresh, and everything (including the pitas are made on site).

Best items are the falafel, kebab sandwich, and the Israeli Salad.

4) Zentral – 567 Huangpi South Road (Near Fuxing Middle Road) – 6374 5815
For those near Xin Tian Di, Zentral is a restaurant offering a wide array of sandwiches, salads, and other cuisine. Unlike many cafes, Zentral prides itself on food quality, and use of natural ingredients.Wireless accessible.

5) Rendezvous Cafe – 1486 Nanjing West Road (Near Tongren Road) -6247 2307
If you are looking for a 1/3 pound beef burger, look no further. No need for a menu, just get the Rendezvous burger. Not only is it one of the best in town, it is one of the most reasonably priced meals.

For those looking for a little more secluded place to grab a bit and discuss business, the following locations offer a higher quality lunch menu, a higher price, and sometimes a great view of Pudong.

1) New Heights – 3 Zhongshan Yi Road 7th floor (Main Entrance Guangdong Road) – 6321 0909
Part of the 3-on-the-Bund concept is New Heights, one of Shanghai’s most recognized lunch spots for business. In the spring, summer, and fall, the outside terraces are packed with suits eating salads, sandwiches, and other fare.

Service goes up and down a bit, but this is a place to be seen.. so part of the package.

2) Zen – Plaza 66 5th floor (1399 Nanjing West Road) – 6289 7877
For those on Nanjing road looking for a quiet place to discuss business and spread out spreadsheets with a bit of privacy, Zen offers a number of private spaces where things can get done over dim sum.

Rooms of 20 can be booked with several days notice.

Wrap up lunch with some mango pudding… some of the best in town.

3) Kathleen’s 55/F Shanghai Art Museum 325 Nanjing Xi Road (Near Huang Pi North Road) – 6327 2221
Located on the 5th floor of the Shanghai Art Museum (the former jockey club when People’s park was a horse track) is Kathleen’s 5. With some of the best views of the Puxi side of town, Kathleen’s offers a great spot to meet for a two martini lunch without much in the way of noise pollution.

Service and food quality are both of high quality and consistently

For those looking for a place to hold an event for 150 people, Kathleen’s ballroom offers a nice venue with reasonable pricing and A/V.

4) California Grill – JW Marriott (399 Nanjing West Road – near Huangpi North Road) – 5359 4969
Looking for the opportunity to eat more high quality food than should be allowed normally? The California Grill at the JW Marriott has an excellent daily buffet service that has a quiet environment and is a place where a group of 4-6 can have a conversation and not worry about others taking notes.

5) Shanghai Uncle – 222 Yan An East Road (Near Henan North Road) – 6339 1977
NEar the bund, in the basement of the Westin Hotel, is one of Shanghai’s most famous Shanghai style restaurants. Convenient for those looking for middle ground between Bund, XinTian Di, and Nanjing Road, Shanghai Uncle can comfortably seat 10 people around a table.

Try the cheesy lobster…

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