Nanjing Road…. The Week the Lights Went Out (Updated)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 9:38
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Following up to last week’s post entitled Nanjing Road… Will the Construction Ever End?, it looks like the construction effort has increased in terms of technical difficulty.

For the last several days retail stores facing Nanjing Road have gone dark… completely dark. At first, customers were let to wonder if Starbucks had paid their power bill, but today the outage (8am – 6pm) affected everyone from Westgate Mall to the Shimen Yi Road station on the south side of NAnjing Road.

Tomorrow the shortage is the north side of the street

It seems like a never ending cycle where 2 weeks ago the sidewalks were ripped up for the third time in 18 months to lay more fiber, and with electric poles littering sidewalks up and down Nanjing Road, it is pretty clear that retailers on Nanjing Road can expect the cycle to continue.

Oddly enough, there has been no coverage on this. So, if anyone knows more than what this post includes, please add in the comments section.

Update – The cables being buried last week were actually power lines, not fiber as originally thought, and this week, the grid is being changed from the above ground lines to those placed underground.

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