Need Something Western to Eat?

Saturday, December 16, 2006 8:04
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Eating Chinese food in China is a must, to not eat it is a crime…. but sometimes, a hamburger is needed, and for those of you who have endured 2 weeks of Chinese food on a spinning platter, I offer the following:

Western Food on a Budget (10-30USD ppax):
1) Chartres – 855 Hua Shan Road (Near Fuxing Road) – 6212 8085
With the original store across from the Fudan University campus, Chartres is the only Western restaurant in town that can say that it has a stable Chinese and Western clientele.

Food quality/ price is excellent and the staff is attentive.

Lamb chop or Chicken stuff with spinach & shrimp are both excellent entrees and the French onion soup is also a light way to start.

2) Da Marco – 103 Dong Zhu’An Bang Lu (Near Jiangsu Road) – 6210 4495
You can always judge how authentic a restaurant is by its clientele, and for Da MArco this means having a lot of Italians choosing to eat at Da MArco more than anywhere else in town.

For first timers, it is really difficult to choose, so better to bring friends and eat family style.

3) Ginger Cafe – 299 Fuxing Road (Near Huashan Road) – 6433 9437
Located in the same complex as one of Shanghai’s more popular yoga studios, Ginger Cafe is a tranquil cafe where a lot of work can get accomplished over Jasmine tea and carrot cake. Not on a high traffic path for many in the laptop brigade, Ginger offers a quiet place where the only noise pollution is coming from people falling over upstairs in the hot yoga room.

The Tofu salad is a signature dish… and so is the carrot cake

4) Citizen Cafe – 22 Jinxian Road (between Shanxi Road and Maoming Road) – 6258 1620
Tucked away on Jin Xian Road, is a nice French-esk cafe that serves the best minestrone soup in town. The environment is very relaxed, and is a great place to have a quiet meal with friends.

Start with the minestrone and order the BBQ ribs as a main.

5) Arch – 439 Wukang Road (Near Xingguo Road) – 6466 0807
One of Shanghai’s first internet enabled cafes, Arch was originally supposed to be a furniture show room. Luckily for us, it offers not only wireless but great fare (Salmon spaghetti and Arch Chicken burger are excellent).

Bring an extra serving of patience as the wait staff is famously aloof.

Western Food without a Budget (100+ USD ppax):

1) Laris– 3 ZhongShan Yi RoadHua Shan Road (Main entrance on Guangdong Road) – 6321 9922
Bar none, Laris is the best restaurant in town. Never had a bad experience, and if you are looking for a place to take a client and ensure only the best, look no further.

There are so many excellent choices here, but save room for the chocolate fondon

2) T8– House 8 North Block XinTianDi complex (Madang Road/ Taicang Road) – 6355 8999
One of the most interesting restaurants in town, T8 offers a fusion between western and Sichuan flavors. Like Laris, there are too many dishes that can be enjoyed, and the chocolate desserts are amazing.

Clients, friends, and significant others will enjoy the experience.

3) Va Bene – House 7, North XinTianDi complex (Madang Road/ Taicang Road) – 6311 2211
4) M on the Bund – 20 Guangdong Road 7/F – 6350 9988
A concierge’s first recommendation, M on the Bund has delivered solid service, food, and views longer than anyone else. with increased competition, M has had to reinvent itself, and it has done so successfully.

5) Kathleen’s 5 (K5) – 325 Nanjing West Road 5/F (by Huang Pi North Road) – 6327 2221
Located on the 5th floor of the Shanghai Art Museum (the former jockey club when People’s park was a horse track) is Kathleen’s 5. With some of the best views of the Puxi side of town, Kathleen’s offers a great spot to meet for a two martini lunch without much in the way of noise pollution.

Service and food quality are both of high quality and consistently

For those looking for a place to hold an event for 150 people, Kathleen’s ballroom offers a nice venue with reasonable pricing and A/V.

Eating in China can be an adventure, and if planned properly, the adventure is a pleasurable one. Taking the time to taste the various foods of China can often be the best part of a trip, and we hope you enjoy some of the suggestions above.For some though the “wheel of death” is too much, and there is nothing better than a burger or steak. We hope you enjoy the restaurants above and will share yours in our comments area.

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