Looking for Dessert?

Saturday, December 23, 2006 10:00
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Following our posts on lunch and dinner comes a list of places to satisfy the sweet tooth. With so many places in Shanghai, and so many new ones opening every month, it is good to know the favorites are not only able to set themselves apart but remain in business!

1) The Room – 3 ZhongShan Yi Road (Main entrance on Guangdong Road)
Part of the Laris concept at 3-on-the-Bund, the Room is actually a chocolate laboratory that is unmatched anywhere else. with over 30 flavors of chocolates discovered here, patrons of the Laris restaurant are offered a taste of several during the course of every meal.

However, a taste is not enough!

For those who are slaves to chocolate, than the chocolate fondant or chocolate soup are the only desserts you need to consider.

2) Di Shui Dong56 Maoming Nan Road (by Changle Road) – 6253 2689
First on our list of places to experience the best Hunan Chinese food in town, is the second best place for dessert in town. Known for spicy ribs, an order of caramelized bananas will wrap up your meal, and pay for your dentist’s children higher education.

3) Charmont – 1418 Huai Hai Middle Road (Near Fuxing Road) – 6431 8107
One of the best places to enjoy a meal in town, Charmont offers some of the best cold desserts in town with their ice mountains.

The peanut smoothie and red bean ice mountain are better than any ice cream Hagen Dazs has to offer.

4) City Diner – 142 Tongren Road, Second Floor (near Nanjing West Road) – 6289 3699
City Diner is actually the only dessert destination in town that offers bottomless cup coffee and wireless at the same time, and for fans of carrot cake and apple pie a’ la mode, the City Diner is the place for you.

The portions are monstrous to say the least, so you are best to only eat half your lunch before ordering desert.

5) Ding Tai Feng2/F, South Block, Xintiandi Mall6385 8378
Ding Tai Feng, located in Xin Tian Di, has a number of desserts, but it is their black sesame buns (2 to an order) that are why they made it to the top 5.

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