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Wednesday, January 3, 2007 7:21
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Recently while working on our city guides, I re-found the site Mall China. My initial experience with the site was during some real estate related work last year (previous to the new regulations).

For those looking to get retail specific news, the site does keep up pretty well with trends, mall opening, and even has mall profiles on the site.

The previous site (this site is only a few months old) offered readers much more content than is currently available, and while leagues behind the Chinese site, updates are occurring and I am hopeful the new site will surpass the level of information that the old site… and more

The old site had city guides for about 15 of the second tier cities (see Chongqing example report) offering difficult to find data on the retail trends and malls for that city. Hopefully, the updated reports will be loaded soon, but for those of you who can navigate the Chinese site, Chinese profiles are available.

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