China’s Famous Brands Report – Updated

Monday, January 8, 2007 3:18
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Following our post last week on China’s Famous Brands, we continued to look for the criteria used to select those companies… and we found it on the MPS website.

Written in Chinese, the criteria did not offer much, and following a few hours of translation we offer the criteria for your consideration.

1) The product should be good for the adjustment of the industrial structure, good for the technology development, good for the creative ability development, good for the natural resource saving, good for the environment protection.
2) The production should be relative to the people’s livelihood, and has big influence on national economic and social development.
3) The company has diversified products in certain industry, and has big market share. The brand awareness and the customer satisfaction is very high.
4) The product should accord with the international standards, and have the strong international competition.
5) Agricultural products should be standard manufacturing, and with certain technological content.

To apply, companies and products need to:
1) Comply with the state laws and regulations of industry.
2) The quality of product should be in the leading situation not only domestically, but also internationally.
3) Sales, profits and taxes, the cost of industrial profit margins, the contribution rate of the total assets are all on the top of certain industry of that year.
4) The company should have high level technology support and advanced manufacturing equipments, and R&D ability.
5) The product should follow the international standards or Chinese standards system.
6) The company should have mature metering/measure system.
7) The company has mature quality management system, and have had no big quality accident in that year.
8) After-sales service system are fine and the customer satisfaction is high.

Needless to say, the foundation and measurements used to select China’s Most Famous Brands are ambiguous at best.

Regardless of how the companies were selected though, investors looking to buy into one of the companies listed should prepare themselves for a fight with officials on local, provincial, or national level.

Know a company that meets the above, add your nomination here

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