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Saturday, January 27, 2007 4:28
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During the 2003 super bowl, I was fortunate to meet my good friend Logan Wright, who is the author of this week’s highlighted website: Survived SARS.

While not actually a survivor of SARS, Logan is perhaps one of the most interesting and intelligent people that I have met. Armed with a photographic memory that absorbs everything, one of the most wicked Beijing accents, and a strong grasp on anything related to world history, Logan is a doctoral candidate based in Beijing and is working with Stone & McCarthy Research Associates as a China based economic analyst

While many blogs are simply a rehash of the days events, or perhaps offer some high level analysis of daily news, Logan blends history, culture, politics, banking policy, and his humor to bring readers undigested analysis on various government policies, recently a lot of focus on the RMB.

for anyone who is interested in macroeconomic policy analysis that focuses more in the economic implications of politics, I highly suggest visiting the site. For bankers, lawyers, think tanks, and GMs alike this site would e particularly useful.

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