CSR: Going Green in China

Friday, February 2, 2007 2:51
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One of the best parts about returning to the U.S. (besides good BBQ and good steaks) is that I can catch up on some back reading. Getting magazines in China can sometimes be hit and miss, so staying up to date can be kind of difficult.

Once I am back to either SF or Chicago, I make sure to pick up the latest Inc., Forbes, Business 2.0, Fast Company, and anything else that looks interesting. These magazines are always filled with interesting stories, case studies, and tips that can be morphed and applied in China.

In this month’s Business 2.0, the areticle Go Green. Get Rich. shows how nine companies are tackling 9 of the biggest environmental problems we face. Many of us have by now seen or heard of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and while many will agree or disagree about some of the truths made, it is undeniable that his book/ movie have invigorated the environmental debate once again.

To kick off the article, Taylor lists out the 9 Biggest Problems:
(1) Global Warming
(2) Oil Dependency
(3) Hunger and Malnutrition
(4) Dirty Air
(5) Dirty Water
(6) Overfishing
(7) Epidemics
(8) Drug-Resistent Infections
(9) Waste disposal

All of these issues, less overfishing, are ones that those of us in China are aware of in one sense or the other. for many, the effects of dirty air, dirty war, and epidemics are the first off the list… after all, Beijing’s air quality is horrible (Shanghai has also bad lately)… then there is SARS and H5N1… and there are dozens of reports of how dirty the water is in China.

However, while all of those are at the forefront of the consciousness of many expats, waste disposal and hunger are also two issues that China is also working hard to manage as well in rural areas, while managing its recent oil dependency issues.

Add it all up, and China is facing many of the same problems other countries are…. however, they have their own way of dealing with these issues in different ways than others… and they are hoping that Western countries will begin adopting some of the solutions China is currently developing (solar panels, fuel cells, etc.).

So over the course of the coming weeks, we will take a look at the issues above from the China perspective and will try our best to identify roots of issues, actions being currently used to mitigate the issue, and solutions being developed to help address the world.

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