Fwoked rumor: Virgin Mobile

Thursday, March 8, 2007 3:07
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Everyone loves a good rumor. Especially when it is unchecked, and not officials have been made.. and today’s is about Virgin Mobile.

When speaking to 2 friends today in the mobile industry, their comment was “they were here?”

And I guess that was the problem.

For many looking to invest in the mobile market, they have found it to be a difficult area. At one time, one U.S. telecomm group was over 400 people and in the next few months the last person will shut off the lights. for others, their coffers are able to maintain their presence for what they hope will be enough time to reach the promised land.

For Virgin, it looks like this chapter has come to an end. Once confirmed, I will be sure to link all the relevant articles… but for now it just remains unchecked rumors that need to be confirmed.

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